Meet The Crew


BG- the recipe guy

Hi everyone - BG here (guy on the left) 

It was the beginning of 2016 and I had put on weight, again. This was nothing new. My weight has been fluctuating drastically for most of my life. I was about 220 lbs, which was a steady increase from the 200 lbs that I was about 18 months earlier. I would eat a good clean diet (so I thought) and exercise, but never really saw results.  Endless cycles of down 5 and up 10. Greg, was very health conscious and already on board with the safety and necessity of fats in the  diet. He proposed a challenge, our good friends have an online fitness and nutrition company (VShred - check em out) and they needed before an after examples. So,  they set me up with a plan and I agreed to follow the plan to a T, otherwise lose the bet. The stakes were not favorable so I was determined. In 90 days Greg watched my weight drop from 220 to 170 lbs, he watched my energy levels and productivity go through the roof, and he saw a total 180 from person I was 90 days ago. He was shocked, needless to say I won the bet. The diet? Ketogenic. 

Greg started following a ketogenic diet and we have never looked back. But, that got me curious.

Why was everything that I had been taught NOT to do the very thing that worked? The very thing that made me healthy?

See, I was skeptical at first. I though the fat was going to be so bad for me, so I got a DEXA body scan and a lipid panel blood test before I started and once more about 9 months later...

  • My body fat had dropped from 32% to 20%
  • I lost virtually no muscle
  • Visceral Fat dropped drastically (this is the important one)
  • LDL Cholesterol went down slightly and HDL rose slightly
  • Triglycerides dropped significantly

Eating loads of saturated fat from red meats and cheeses had no negative effect on my body. It only had positive effects. This realization has sparked a fire in my brain. Constantly reading, researching and looking for the answers... why have the recommended diets been wrong for me? What was really to blame? WHO is really to blame? 

Over the past 40 years 2 significant things have changed in our diet: 

  • Sugar consumption has skyrocketed 
  • Meat, dairy and eggs (saturated fats) have decreased drastically due to dietary recommendations 

Who recommended this change? Simple logic would lead one to believe that the replacement of saturated fat with sugar is what caused this rapidly growing health epidemic and we intend to do something about it. 

So what's different about me now? Everything to start. In the past I've "dieted" but never really changed anything. I would put myself on a strict plan with rigid walls and no room for error and boring food... It sucked.

Something changed in me over the 90 days. It was like my brain had been uncuffed and the cravings, the incessant desire for one more bite, it was just gone.  I haven't "dieted" since day 91 of the 90 day challenge and what I mean by that is I'm not reporting to anyone, I'm not tracking calories or logging what I eat. I am not restricting carbs because I have to, I am restricting because I don't have a desire for them anymore. The addiction caused by sugar overload is gone.  My hormones balanced in way that they haven't in years, possibly ever. The signals to my brain have corrected. No longer does my body send hunger signals when it should be sending appetite reduction signals. As you can see from day 91 to today I have still made significant strides and continue to do so.  

The Ketogenic Diet gave me the power to do all of these things, but most importantly, more important than the ketones and fat burning was the impact my life had once sugar was out. 

I believe wholeheartedly that sugar is the primary cause of our modern health problems.

I've learned from personal experience that you can't convince someone to be healthier, hell I couldn't convince myself to be healthier. I'm here to share my recipes, stories and the things I've learned along the way and if I can change at least one life for the better, well then I've done my part. 

- BG


greg - the science guy

My name’s Greg, an aspiring nutrition science nerd on a mission to help others live healthier, happier lives.  

We’ve got a problem:

  • The average person in this country is overweight
  • 38% are obese
  • Half of us either have diabetes or pre-diabetes

Figures in some other parts of the world are as bad or worse.  Chances are, you or someone you love struggles with these or related chronic conditions like heart disease.  Several of my close family did (and still does).    

I’ve always been fit, so I assumed that overweight people simply lacked the willpower to eat less and the drive to exercise more.   Then I witnessed one of my best friends lose 50 pounds in 3 months (FYI his picture is above) with some simple changes to his diet.  I started researching the problem and what I learned is that the cause of our health crisis and the solutions we’re being recommended are dead wrong.   Our government agencies, food industry, and healthcare professionals have led us astray and cannot be trusted due to malice, ignorance, or both.  We aren’t becoming lazy pigs - we are simply being told to run east and look for the sunset.  

I believe all of us inherently want to be healthy and strong, we want the energy to give to our families and friends and goals.  We don't want to be fat, we don't want to be sick and tired, we certainly don't want to inject ourselves with insulin or drugs.  We don't want our brief time on this world cut any shorter than it has to be.  

Fortunately, we don't need to wait for science to make some breakthrough discovery.  We already understand the cause and the solutions.  Sugars and massive amounts of carbohydrates are making us fat and sick.  A ketogenic diet is one powerful weapon in fighting obesity and chronic disease.  It’s not the only healthy diet, but by learning the principles involved, you will understand the problem and what to do about it.  

We no longer need to be victims of misleading marketing campaigns from the food industry, or well-intentioned but counterproductive advice from public health officials.  We can make our own food decisions.  I’ve seen firsthand the level of change that is possible when people are armed with the truth and simple strategies to implement it.  My goal is to teach and learn from others, and to inspire people to become healthier through a new way of eating.  

- Greg

Super Producer Dibs

She's the girl in the middle... and she's making the videos. More to come on her later!