I'm not sure what did it. Maybe it was the high heat or maybe it was the citrus juices, but whatever it was this is one of the most tender slow cooked recipes I've ever crafted up. And isn't the slower cooker just the all time MVA (Most Valuable Appliance)? I mean seriously. You can be the most inexperienced cook in the world and still make magic with a slow cooker. It's amazing! But, there is one very particular reason that ketogenic diets and slow cooked meat go together like bacon and [insert anything]... it's the fat! 

The ketogenic diet is predicated around a fat centric caloric load, which in turn means you are opting for the more fatty cuts of meat. Typical slow cooked meats like the Boston Butt (pork shoulder), which is what you'd use for this recipe, are loaded with fat. This goes for chuck roast, short rib and several other fatty(and cheap!) cuts of beef. It's very cost effective and loaded with good healthy animal fats, which are the very nutrients believed to have evolved the human brain into what it is today. Several studies have suggested that the human brain evolved into the human brain because of the introduction of animal fat and protein. Our brains are big time energy users, roughly about 20% of the total input. Furthermore, these studies suggested that while a raw, vegan diet, still better than the typical western diet, wouldn't have given our brains the appropriate levels of energy for this evolution to occur. The most obvious example of this would be primates and the evolutionary separation of humans and primates. The more scientific example would be the vitamin B3, or nicotinamide, found in meat. This brain boosting vitamin has been shown to play a causal role in increased intelligence, health and longevity. 

I've you've ever listened to a podcast featuring Dr. Rhonda Patrick you've probably heard her speak about nicotinamide riboside and just how beneficial it is to health and longevity. I've listened to her interviews on the Tim Ferriss Show and the Joe Rogan Podcast and I highly suggest checking those out! I will provide links to those episodes at the bottom of the page.  


    Back to the meat. Let's go... 

    The Ingredients...

    • 4-5 pound Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt Roast) 
    • 1 tablespoon garlic minced 
    • 1 teaspoon salt 
    • 1 teaspoon pepper 
    • 1 lemon juice/zest
    • 1 lime juice/zest
    • 1 jalepeno 
    • ½ onion
    • 1 teaspoon oregano 
    • 1 teaspoon cumin 
    • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika 
    • 2 bay leaves 
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil 
    • ¼ cup chicken broth 

    The Steps...

    1. Zest Your Lemon and Lime, Slice your jalepeno in half and cut your onion into 4 pieces, so that each piece is 1/8th of a full onion. 
    2. Place pork loin in slow cooker. Put a piece of onion in each corner and the jalepenos put one on each side. The dry ingredients rub on top of the pork. Add all of your liquids and squeeze your lemon/lime. Top with bay leaves and cook on high heat for about 4-5 hours. Don't touch, don't open! 
    3. Pull apart, remove as much fat as you can and strain out vegetables and bay leaves. Give it some time for the juices to soak in once pulled apart, but you're ready to enjoy! 

    The Macros... 

    mojo pork macros

    The Sources & Materials... 


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